About Our Firm

About Our Firm

Meir Moza, Esq. Aggressive Attorney & Former Prosecutor

Admitted in NY, NJ, & all Federal Courts


Queens College, 1993, B.S, pre-law major, graduated with honors, honors in political science, Golden Key National Honor Society, top of the class

Touro Law School, graduated 1996, J.D, with honors, top 10% of class, Moot Court Board, represented school in regional moot court competition, advanced to semi-finals.  Voted as class speaker and orator.  Enrolled in internships for judges in Supreme Court and County Courts in Nassau County and Suffolk County

Licensed to practice in NY and NJ and the federal courts. Admitted to practice since 1997 in NY and NJ.


  • Prior employment as a prosecutor in the Nassau county DA’s office from 1997 to 1999. Prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases ranging from thefts to assaults and all aspects of the criminal spectrum. 
  • Prior experience in Internships in the Queens DA's office, Nassau DA's office, Supreme court judgeship and County Court judgeship  in Nassau County and Queens County.
  • Represented the DA’s office in the State’s Trial Advocacy Course of specialty in prosecution of DWI cases. 
  • Current firm of Meir Moza & Associates, established in 1999, specializing in criminal defense of white collar and blue collar crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, state and federal crimes.
  • Special experience, as an outstanding criminal lawyer, resulted in mastering the art of CROSS EXAMINATION through special training, and so implemented in successfully litigating and vindicating our clients in many JURY TRIALS AND BENCH TRIALS.
  • Practice of CRIMINAL LAW, encompasses also other areas of law including family law, civil litigation, immigration, landlord-tenant and traffic offenses.
  • Other areas of practice are also encompassed in the firm through general practice FIRM of Meir Moza & Associates, which include several attorneys and associates working in our firm and incorporated into our practice.
  • Our firm handled successfully, and effectively defended, a wide variety of cases in the criminal field, including major felonies, drug offenses, drug and extacy distribution, attempted murder cases, major assaults, robberies, burglaries, sex offenses, child abuse and endangerment and sexual assaults of minors, rapes, conspiracy cases, grand thefts, forgeries, distribution of counterfeit money, DWI’s, larcenies, reckless endangerment, loaded gun possessions, major counterfeiting and all misdemeanor offenses.
  • Our office had obtained a vast experience in criminal practice in the five boroughs and Long Island, and appears daily in the criminal courts in these areas.

Noteworthy Settlements/Verdicts:

  • Dismissal of attempted murder case in Queens, involving shootings and loaded guns;
  • Dismissal of felony assault charges brought against a contractor in Nassau county charged with beating his gang affiliated stepson with a bat.  
  • Dismissal of criminal charges brought against a woman accused of menacing and destructing property of her estranged husband;
  • Dismissal of rape charges brought against a businessman accused of raping his step daughter;
  • Dismissal of all charges after lengthy trial brought against a reputable businessman in Nassau county by 3 complainants alleging injuries and leaving scene of accident.
  • Dismissal of major drug felonies and forged drivers license charges of medical student client in Nassau County.
  • Dismissal of reckless endangerment charges in high publicity case of nurse accused of placing her children in danger after placing a generator inside her home;
  • Dismissal of child abuse case and sexual assault of a minor against a federal agent, while fully establishing wrongful accusation by the complainant.  Additionally, successfully obtained reinstatement of his federal employment as well as gun license and rifle permit following separate hearings in State and Federal courts;
  • Dismissal-felony-ASSAULT-with-a-knife-by-a-registered-nurse,against-her-fiancee,Queens.
  • Dismissal of weapons possession in JFK Airport, of a businessman charged while boarding a flight; 
  • Dismissal of major drug cases against family in Queens, charged with distribution of cocaine;
  • Dismissal of GANG ASSAULT case charges brought against a client by the Manhattan DA's Office.
  • Dismissal of Robbery charges and Criminal Contempt brought against our client by an ex-fiance, alleging, also a violation of order of protection, and full vindication of him while establishing false allegations;  
  • Dismissal of criminal possession of stolen property charges, and full vindication therein, in a case brought against a Jewelery dealer from the diamond district , alleging he possessed thousands of dollars worth of stolen diamonds;
  • Dismissal of felony assault against a student charged with assaulting his fiancee with deadly weapon;
  • Dismissal of felony stabbing, dismissed all charges brought against housewife on LI charged with felony stabbing;
  • Dismissal of weapon charges against a U.N. worker, brought by Queens DA's office;
  • Dismissal of grand theft charges brought against a major jewelry dealer;
  • Dismissal of Burglary charges brought against a tourist breaking into a Brooklyn apartment;
  • Dismissal of DWI charges in Queens brought against a real estate broker; 
  • Dismissal of menacing charges with a gun, brought against a Long Island businessman;
  • Dismissal of major forgery charges brought against a hospital financial director;
  • Dismissal of fraud charges brought against a jewelry dealer in the 47th Street jewelry district;
  • Dismissal of a criminal neglect case filed with ACS against a Queens couple;
  • Dismissal of a child endangerment case filed against a high-profile British couple, in a high profile case nationally and internationally, charged with leaving a baby in a car while they went shopping;
  • Dismissal of a date rape case against two Long Island students;
  • Dismissal of a major assault case brought against a reputable diamond dealer, in Manhattan's Diamond District, emanating from an internal dispute between merchants;
  • Dismissal of major criminal assault case brought against a tenant by his landlord;
  • Dismissal of violation of Order of Protection charges brought against a prominent businesswoman in Nassau County by her sister;
  • Dismissal of major hate crime assaults brought against four clients, by the Brooklyn DA's office, wrongly accused of such bias crimes, as self defense was established and proven by our office;
  • Dismissal of Grand Jury presentation of case involving charges of felony Assault on Police Officers, and subsequent filing of lawsuit, on behalf of client for false arrest and malicious prosecution against Nassau County Police Department, which awarded our client over $100,000.00 in damages stemming from the false criminal allegations. 
  • Dismissal of case involving Assault charges of a Police Officer, by a reputable professional, on his wedding day, and subsequent commencement of lawsuit against county for false arrest.
  • Dismissal of Credit Card Fraud charges brought against a client, and subsequent criminal charges brought against the complainant, through our office's investigation, for false arrest and false allegations.  Subsequent Money judgment awarded in favor of our client against the unscrupulous complainant for damages of Malicious Prosecution and false arrest.  
  • Dismissal of sexual assault and forcible sexual abuse and forcible touching, brought against a Bronx businessman accused by an employee, and prosecuted by the Bronx DA's office. 
  • ACQUITTALS after Jury Trials of numerous cases involving thefts and Assaults.
  • MAJOR ACQUITTAL after a full Jury Trial, in a noteworthy case of a Long Island man accused of Major Hate Crimes by two lesbians, charging him with being a part of a mob who attacked them, on the basis of their sexual orientation.  FULL ACQUITTAL on ALL 6 criminal counts of Assaults as a hate crime and Aggravated Assault and Harassment as a hate crime, brought on behalf of the two complainants by the Nassau County DA's Office. 
  • MAJOR REDUCTION of a FEDERAL case involving child pornography, and distribution of same over the internet, while the US Attorney requested a term of prison of 78-87 months for the client, and our office was successful in obtaining probation with no jail for the client.
  • Major reduction of a Federal case involving extensive Credit Card Fraud and Bank Fraud brought against a major car dealer in Nassau County, in a case involving confidential informants and extensive FBI investigation;  
  • MAJOR REDUCTION of a FEDERAL case involving extacy and drug distribution and sale, brought against a group of Hasidic students involved in said conspiracy, and accused of distribution of same in the US, Belgium and Israel.
  • Our office had also vindicated numerous clients in major CIVIL CASES, involving complicated issues of law, and large amounts of money and properties at stake, and won large rewards thereon.
  • Dismissal of civil case whereby our office defended a multimillion dollars company, publicly traded, against a suit brought by a former employee and officer of the company seeking 25 million in damages.
    Our office successfully defended the company in federal district court Southern District, and won also the appeal brought thereon in the federal circuit court of appeals, Second Circuit.
  • Major awards won for clients in settlements of cases with companies including: Waldbaum's. A&P. and Starbucks. Among others. 
  • Major settlements won for clients in discrimination cases involving the American with Disability Act and Fair Housing Act, as our office was joined by the Department of Justice against a condominium board in effectuating same.
  • Won several major civil cases brought for monetary damages, based on breach of contract and contractual obligations;
  • Won several major civil cases concerning contractual breaches in a partnership and contractual fraud;
  • Successfully defended many clients in major civil cases, involving commercial leases and litigation and involving intricate issues of law and facts.  Successfully litigated many civil cases and prevailed vindication of our clients after trials on the merits. 

Additionally, our office has to its credit many more major successes on major felony cases as well as misdemeanor offenses, as well as cases in all spectrum's of the field of law.

Also, our office, had successfully defended and negotiated reduction of charges, in hundreds of cases, against various defendants in many noteworthy cases in both federal and state courts, and in cases which encompass a wide spectrum of offenses, in the white collar and blue collar crimes.

Published Articles:

Our office had appeared on CHANNEL 2 CBS & CHANNEL 4 NBC News in publicity drawn cases and CHANNEL 7 ABC eyewitness news, on major publicity case involving assault on a village mayor.   Additionally, our office was documented in cases through the media in all major newspapers of the Tri-state area including: The Daily News, The Post, The New York Times, Newsday and major Israeli newspapers, Yedioth Ahronot and Maariv.

Citations of Recognition Include:

  • "Presidential WHO'S WHO," Honorary recipient, 2009-2010 edition:
    Citing and honoring criminal lawyer Meir Moza, Esq. as "an achiever of a level of recognizable success in the field of law and practice of law." This year's edition will be registered in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
  • “Strathmore’s Who’s Who,” Honorary recipient
    Was limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their occupation and profession.
  • Golden Key National Honor Society
    In recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence in the legal profession.
  • Martindale Hubble
    Citing Meir Moza as "an outstanding criminal lawyer and civil litigation attorney, with special commendations."
  • Certificate of Excellence as a criminal lawyer in completion of the trial advocacy program, of the DA's office, of prosecution of DWI cases.

Meir Moza, Esq. is an outstanding criminal lawyer who is also current member of the following organizations:

  • NY State Bar Association
  • Nassau Bar Association
  • Queens Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Former Nassau County Prosecutors Association
  • New Jersey Bar Association

Languages Spoken:     

CRIMINAL LAWYER and CIVIL LITIGATOR, Meir Moza, esq. is fluent in the English and Hebrew languages and also provides a wide variety of representation to the Israeli community through his fluency in Hebrew.


  • CRIMINAL ATTORNEY Meir Moza, Esq. is profoundly involved in charities and contributions to major funds which include “Hadassah” and the “Burns Unit” which contributes funds to individuals injured and in need of financial assistance.  Mr. Moza’s involvement in said contribution was widely recognized through awards and publication of same.
  • Other organizations sponsored by Meir Moza, Esq. were the Israeli Defense Forces, American Red Cross, ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Pet Rescue and many other organizations who provide help to the needy children and unwanted and neglected pets and stray animals.
  • CRIMINAL LAWYER Meir Moza, Esq. also provided pro-bono work in providing legal assistance to a family, who was raising funds to their sick daughter, stricken by cancer, and who was taken advantage of by con artists who stole the money raised in the fund raiser for the child.  The pro-bono legal work done by our office had ultimately succeeded in exposing the con artists and fully reimbursing the money which was taken by them to the family represented.

Our office also employs a private investigator in certain cases which require such service.  The private investigator, Richard Kemmler, is a former NYPD sergeant with extensive experience in the field of investigation, both criminally and civilly, and provides our office with a wide variety of surveillance and background searches, as well as other valuable services, in the field of investigation.


About Our Firm

Law Offices of Meir Moza (a former prosecutor) & Associates assists clients in the Greater New York area and Long Island areas we serve include Nassau County, Queens County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Suffolk County, Great Neck, Manhasset, Roslyn and New Hyde Park.

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